Fragrance Roll-Ons

Fragrance Roll-Ons

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Take your senses into outer space with natural fragrances! Made with 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils, these roll-ons will last for ages without the chemically-smelling aftermath.

Trillian: A relaxing floral base of ylang-ylang and lavender with a bergamot complement. Perfect for winding down and focusing.

Arthur Dent: A long walk in the woods with a gin and tonic in hand, this fragrance has notes of cypress and cedarwood, with a touch of frankincense and a lime punch to wake up the senses.

Zaphod: An earthy and wild with a hit of cinnamon. This fragrance has notes of wild orange, patchouli, and cinnamon bark with a hint of lemongrass.

Nirvana: A beautiful combination of spicy cardamom paired with soothing lavender and a tangerine finish.

Use as a fragrance oil.

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, essential oils**

**all of the fragrance rollers contain citrus essential oils.